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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2008-3-17

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Terman: looks like radeonhd has finally made it into suse-factory :-)
libv: Terman: cool :)
Terman: xorg-x11-driver-video-radeonhd-1.1.0_080313_00f182d-3
libv: i talked this through just now, and all it took was some sax2 magic for this to be allowed out :)
libv: emmes worked on this last week
Terman: well, for the next 2 weeks I'll actually be able to use radeonhd - work requires radeon (hw-scaling)
Terman: but I use git head anyway - but it's very nice that it is part of the distro now
dmb: i think its in debian also
dmb: at least ubuntu
dmb: not used by default but still there
Obscene_CNN: crap! my gtkperf scores are in the toilet since I switched to kernel 2.6.24-r3. Is anybody else experiencing the same drop in X windows performance?
Arrow: Hi all
Diablo-D3: oh fuck yes
Diablo-D3: you know those dual gpu 3xxx series cards?
Diablo-D3: I may be able to fit two hr-03s to it
Erudified: What are PCI BARs 1 and 3 used for?
libv: Erudified: iirc: 1: FB; 2: io; 3: MMIO
Erudified: 0 is the FB, 2 is polly IO, 3 is MMIO, and there's a 4th
Erudified: or am I wrong?
Diablo-D3: whats a BAR?
libv: Erudified: fourth is special, as it isn't exactly the fourth :)
libv: Erudified: it'S the pci rom
Erudified: ah, right, you have to use some treachery to grab a copy of it?
libv: Erudified: sadly, yes
Erudified: I haven't looked at how libpciaccess does it
libv: Erudified: but i think that that bit is working ok now
Erudified: I'm curious about how multihead support works - is the whole framebuffer one contiguous chunk of memory across screens?
libv: Erudified: with us, yes, we haven't implemented anything else
Erudified: cool stuff ;)
libv: Erudified: the CRTC engines ask for data from the MODE/SCALE engines, which in turn demand FB content from the GRAPH engines
libv: Erudified: those graph engines know about FB location/offset, FB stride, how pixels are laid out
libv: what type of tiling is used, etc
libv: Erudified: i rather like the way the r500 modesetting was laid out, and how each block functioned rather independently... really nice design
Erudified: yeah the code is surprisingly brief imo
Erudified: I've never looked at any video card drivers before, I just kinda assumed it'd be overwhelming
libv: here it is rather nice and modular and everything
libv: not like most other devices i worked with before, those just extended old VGA registers and scattered bits all over the place
Diablo-D3: YES
Diablo-D3: I have counterscrewed nvidia and xfx!
Diablo-D3: they apparently used a heatsink for a 6600 not a 6800
libv: Diablo-D3: but this is the radeonhd channel...
Diablo-D3: libv: you didnt hear my rant about how much nvidia sucks the other day?
libv: not sure, probably forgotten it already
Diablo-D3: well, basically, I want to buy a radeon 3xxx
Diablo-D3: but I need a new mobo for that because I dont have pci-e
Diablo-D3: but I cant buy a new mobo because the new phenoms arent out yet
Diablo-D3: BUT now my nvidia card (WHICH I HATE)'s fan died
Diablo-D3: and I have a $60 gpu heatsink (for the abovementioned 3xxx), and it /does/ fit 6800s
Diablo-D3: but not /my/ 6800
Obscene_CNN: My obsessive compulsive low cpu usage fast r5xx_xaa.c hack http://rafb.net/p/yEruGv37.html
Ryszu: hehe
Ryszu: You tested before/after?
Obscene_CNN: yes
Obscene_CNN: its about 1 to 3%
Obscene_CNN: faster that is
Diablo-D3: Obscene_CNN: whats on CNN?
Obscene_CNN: I'd have to look
Obscene_CNN: doesn't work for CNN
Diablo-D3: whats with the nick then?
Diablo-D3_CNBC: mwhahaha
Obscene_CNN: I used to chat on CNN's irc back before AOL bought TimeWarner and did away with CNN's irc servers.
libv: Obscene_CNN: that patch really is obscene ;)
Obscene_CNN: I said it was a hack :D
libv: :)
libv: Obscene_CNN: btw: RHDPTR(xf86Screens[pScrn->scrnIndex])->MMIOBase; could be RHDPTR(pScrn)->MMIOBase;
Obscene_CNN: it does improve things though not so much on benchmarks. It works best when you don't fill up the 2d command FIFO
libv: yup, waiting for that one is indeed slow
libv: once we have full cp, we just fill up indirect buffers and send them off for the cp to deal with on its own :)
libv: also, here it is already better to work with a local buffer
libv: althoug... cpu usage would remain high
Obscene_CNN: heh top uses more cpu time than X does on my machine just sitting idle with top running in a gnome terminal
libv: :)
libv: we will really get the cpu usage down when we move to the cp, no more queueing, just fill up a buffer with packets and send away
Obscene_CNN: good
Obscene_CNN: I also implemented _RHDRegRead and _RHDRegWrite as macros
Sadako: forgive my ignorance, but what is this "cp" I keep hearing about in this channel?
Diablo-D3: child porn? copy?
michaellarabel: Command Processor
Sadako: ah, thx
Sadako: now the chat in here makes a _little_ more sense to me ;)
rehabdoll: Sadako: too much 4chan for you
Diablo-D3: lol
Sadako: That's not what I was thinking, I swearz!
ninja: hi - should i expect poor performance from xf86-driver-radeonhd from svn trunk, or have i just got something misconfigured this side?
michaellarabel: ninja: poor performance in what tasks?
ninja: dragging windows around
ninja: seems to be a low refresh rate
ninja: (pls forgive my lack of knowledge in this area)
michaellarabel: Have you tried using ShadowFB?
ninja: no
ninja: Option 'ShadowFB' 'on' in xorg.conf?
ninja: btw, Macbook Pro w/X1600
michaellarabel: you could add Option "ShadowFB" "true" to your radeonhd device section. It will use the CPU more though, compared to XAA or EXA, if you're using an R500 ASIC.
ninja: ok, will try that in a bit when i restart X - thanks
Erudified: Can anyone shed some light on what's going on here? typedef AtomBiosResult (*AtomBiosRequestFunc)(atomBiosHandlePtr handle, AtomBiosRequestID unused, AtomBiosArgPtr data) {}
Erudified: sorry, get rid of the trailing braces and maybe add a semicolon ;)
Erudified: static AtomBiosResult rhdAtomTearDown() is a function returning a function, then?
ninja: michaellarabel: thanks, that's much better :)
michaellarabel: ninja: No problem
Diablo-D3: hey michaellarabel
Diablo-D3: lets say I wanted faster 2D performance
michaellarabel: Hi
Diablo-D3: would shadowfb help?
ninja: Diablo-D3: from what i can make out, it does - worth a try
Diablo-D3: is that unique to radeonhd or to all drivers?
airlied: Diablo-D3: it works for a lot of drivers..
airlied: Diablo-D3: but its stops other features working like xv and dri
Diablo-D3: ... fuck.
ninja: radeonhd does do dri anyway, does it?
airlied: ninja: not yet... so it doesn't matter yet, however when they do they'll have to stop doing shadowfb
airlied: even textured video won't work with it..
ninja: erk, well it's taken my terminal scrolling and window manager from being annoyingly jerky to amazingly smooth, so it stays put for now :)
ninja: wonders if everyone else is using it too, or whether they don't have the same jerky windows problem without it for some reason
Diablo-D3: hey guys
Diablo-D3: the new 780g northbridges that have the 2xxx/3xxx family gpus onboard
Diablo-D3: does crossfirex really worth with those?
Diablo-D3: or is it just bullshit people are passing around?
Erudified: the only platform with reasonable support for that stuff is windows as of right now, from a "my shit works" standpoint it's a downgrade from r5xx
Diablo-D3: well, yeah, I know fglxr doesnt support it yet, and radeonhd doesnt really support anything yet
Diablo-D3: but the claim sort of seems hokey
Diablo-D3: unless the drivers finally got smart enough to properly load balance between all the available gpus
Diablo-D3: so the onboard chip gets maybe like 10% of the work
Diablo-D3: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130136
Diablo-D3: god that looks like a good board
Diablo-D3: omfg
Diablo-D3: I must be seeing things
Diablo-D3: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813136045
Diablo-D3: read the stats pa2 x PCI Express 2.0 x16 slots (PCIE 1 and PCIE 3)
Diablo-D3: - 2-way CrossFire at x16/x16 bandwidth
Diablo-D3: that cant be right
Diablo-D3: no one wants to comment on that one?
Soul_keeper: i just got me an abit ip35-e
Soul_keeper: one full x16 is good enough for me, and only costs like 60 bucks after the rebate
Diablo-D3: but dont you see the problem?
Diablo-D3: a board using an intel northbridge
Diablo-D3: that supports crossfire
Soul_keeper: how's that a problem ?
Diablo-D3: wait, they fixed crossfire so it doesnt require a northbridge that implements it?
Soul_keeper: just like amd chipsets supporting intel and sli
Diablo-D3: plays the MIT choir rendition of halliuja
Diablo-D3: now only if they'd get rid of that damned bridge
Diablo-D3: its pci-e for christ's sakes, pci-e supports sending lanes to other devices
Soul_keeper: you got an ati video card ?
Diablo-D3: not anymore
Diablo-D3: I made the mistake of buying an nvidia card
Soul_keeper: heh
Soul_keeper: i get my 3870 tomarrow
Diablo-D3: Im buying two 3xxxes next though
Soul_keeper: been using nvidia for a few years, figured i'd give ati/amd a try in light of the recent oss community support
Soul_keeper: and they have a slight edge in being lower power at the moment
Soul_keeper: i could care less how fast a windows game like crysis runs ...
Diablo-D3: Soul_keeper: I hate my nvidia card
Soul_keeper: what card is it ?
Diablo-D3: I had a matrox g400, then a radeon 8500, then a 9600, and now my geforce 6800
Diablo-D3: and I hate ity
Diablo-D3: fucking dirty closed source broken ass drivers
Soul_keeper: heh
Soul_keeper: i got a 6800XT in this machine
Soul_keeper: might sell it
Soul_keeper: had to go to pcie or i would have kept it ...
Diablo-D3: thats what I have actually
Diablo-D3: I hate mine
Diablo-D3: fucker uses a 6600 fan
Diablo-D3: instead of a 6800
Diablo-D3: and the fan broke
Diablo-D3: and the only heatsink I has fits a 6800/7xxx/8xxx fan style
Diablo-D3: not the 5xxx/6600 style
Soul_keeper: heh
Diablo-D3: and all it had to do was last another month
Diablo-D3: thats all it had to do
Soul_keeper: havn't had any problems with my 6800XT other than the fact that it's agp and nvidia has closed source only support ...
Diablo-D3: well, thats why Im screwed
Diablo-D3: hibernate no longer works on most agp boards
Diablo-D3: if you have an nforce northbridge, it works
Diablo-D3: if you have anything else, it doesnt
Diablo-D3: and nvidia purposely broke it and wont fix it
Diablo-D3: my first and last nvidia card.
Soul_keeper: my first card was ati
Diablo-D3: my first "card" was the video chip on a tandy 1000
Diablo-D3: you know, back when 8088s were en vogue
Soul_keeper: :)
Soul_keeper: well i wasn't counting before my p133 with integrated ati graphics ...
Soul_keeper: can't say i ever opened up my i286 to see what was in it
Diablo-D3: thinks
Diablo-D3: 8088 had what equated to ega, but wasnt compatible
Soul_keeper: rage128 was in my first system that i would consider a gaming rig ...
Diablo-D3: 486 had some svga card, back when cards just emulated each other
Diablo-D3: p133 had some shitty CL 2D chip, still sucked