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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2009-11-22

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ASau: Hi!
ASau: I'm seeking for up-to-date information on mobility 4330 support.
ASau: All what I can see in X.org documentation is the line
ASau: "Mobility Radeon HD4330, HD4530, HD4570. EXPERIMENTAL"
ASau: How experimental is this "experimental"?
ASau: Can I use HD4330 with VESA driver as a fallback?
marvin24: ASau: try radeonhd or radeon and report bugs to the corresponding mailing list (or bugzilla)
ASau: marvin24: I shall do, is it possible to use VESA as a fallback?
marvin24: it should
marvin24: for radeonhd you can also try shadowfb
ASau: Thanks.
c64zotte1: ´╗┐hello, i have dual head activated on an hd3200, mergedFB, the big screen is 1920x1200, and the small one 1440x900. when i am on the small one and go down, it seems that i can move through the area under 900
c64zotte1: c64zotte1: is that a normal behavior?
evil_core: I cannot play quak3 on radeon driver, even menu lags
evil_core: I fixed it, but I got tearing in games
Kano: hi, whats a similar override as bustype for radeon?
evil_core: Kano: probably PCI/AGP/PCI-E
Kano: is bustype supported at all?
Kano: it is not in man page
Obscene_RS780: who here is running gentoo-amd64 with radeonhd-1.3.0 master?
yangman: Obscene_RS780: ?
Obscene_RS780: yes
Obscene_RS780: yangman, are you a gentoo amd64 user?
yangman: yeah
Obscene_RS780: I was wondering if you could try and see if something crashes X for you
yangman: well, what is it ;)
yangman: "don't ask to ask, etc..."
Obscene_RS780: I use qucs quite a bit and after my update it crashes X every time I try and move a component.
Obscene_RS780: you'll need to emerge qucs if you don't have it installed
yangman: is there a backtrace/
Obscene_RS780: looking, one moment
Obscene_RS780: not that I can find. Would it be in my Xorg log?
Obscene_RS780: let me crash it
yangman: it works fine for me
Obscene_RS780: so you can drag a resistor out and place it
Obscene_RS780: It may be I just need to rebuild every thing
yangman: yeah, works perfectly fine
Obscene_RS780: I'm going to crash X now and look for a backtrace
yangman: it should be in the log
Obscene_CNN: Okay, I'm on my desktop now
Obscene_CNN: it gripes about libpthread.so and libfb.so
yangman: pastebin the trace
Obscene_CNN: working on it
Obscene_CNN: http://pastebin.ca/1682735
yangman: no idea. either a bug in the server for fb module
Obscene_RS780: well, thanks for looking.
Obscene_RS780: I think I may have to do a emerge -e world
adlon: Hello, I'm currently running on opensolaris, Xorg -configure gave me a xorg.conf with the radeonhd for my ati hd3650, however my fans are always running at max speed and I don't from where it comes... On linux with fglrx I had no problem.
yangman: adlon: you can try and see if ForceLowerPowerMode helps. there's no real power management support
adlon: in the "Section Device" of xorg.conf I set ForceLowerPowerMode "YES" ?
yangman: adlon: yes. it's described in more detail in the man page
adlon: ok i'll try thx, i tried to google ForceLowerPowerMode but i get only one result
maximi89: hi guys, radeonhd project wath performance differences have than radeon project
Obscene_CNN: maximi89, not much difference at all
maximi89: obscene_cnn, what about aiglx, that is open source ?
maximi89: thanks :)
Obscene_CNN: aiglx is opensource
maximi89: yeah i was reading the wiki, another thing, radeonhd support hdmi audio thats correct?
Obscene_CNN: yes
Obscene_CNN: but I don't know how well
maximi89: thanks, exist an open source control center for open source drivers?
evil_core: driconf
evil_core: and /etc/X11/xorg.conf
evil_core: but driconf is probably what you want
evil_core: and read about Mesa environment variables
maximi89: thanks :P
evil_core: np
maximi89: evil_core, driconf works for ATI cards only? or for nvidia, intel and any other...?
evil_core: for DRI cards
evil_core: for Intel and ATI for sure
evil_core: never used noveau
Julius2: hi, can anybody tell me if there is xv support for my card yet? I have a radeon mobility 3650 hd