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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2009-11-19

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gwelter: hi, i have a x2100 / rs740 chip and i'm trying out all the kms/3d eyecandy that fedora 12 brings, but i noticed that X starts with radeon instead of radeonhd. Is that correct?
gwelter: i'm using the mesa experimental package and kms and compiz are working
yangman: gwelter: radeonhd doesn't support KMS
gwelter: ok, so it's choosing the correct driver. just wanted to know. thx
QWeb: Hi
udovdh: yo
QWeb: I couldn't get thefglrx driver to work, so I removed it and brought radeonhd in which seems to be working quite well. However both Xorg.0.log and lsmod are showing that fglrx is still loaded. I use Gentoo, fglrx is no longer in my INPUT_DEVICES variable and so xorg-drivers has recompiled and ati-drivers has been removed. My xorg.conf is minimal, no reference to fglrx in there, and I've rebooted a few times.
QWeb: the man page for radeonhd says that after using fglrx there's often problems with radeonhd, but that a reboot should fix it. Is this related?
yangman: QWeb: the module itself is probably still on the system
QWeb: Where would I find it, yangman?
QWeb: It's provided by ati-drivers on Gentoo, which is unmerged
yangman: /lib/modules/${kernel_version}/kernel/drivers/gpu iirc
adamk_: QWeb: What's the output of 'find /lib/modules/`uname -r/ -name fglrx*' ?
QWeb: Ah it's there, /lib64/modules/2.6.30-gentoo-r5/video/fglrx.ko
MostAwesomeDude: Kill it with fire!
QWeb: This laptops 2 days old, even I haven't managed to burn one out in that short a time MostAwesomeDude
QWeb: Although for a 2 day old laptop, it's surprisingly dusty
QWeb: Acer's fancy gloss finishes they insist on using are a pain to keep nice :(
MostAwesomeDude: Oh, no, fglrx. Kill fglrx with fire.
MostAwesomeDude: The laptop's fine.
wirry: acer? kill it with fire!!
QWeb: Hahaha
QWeb: You know, most people would say Gentoo? Kill it with fire...
wirry: hmm...i use gentoo myself
QWeb: :D
yangman: none sense. gentoo needs something much stronger than fire ;)
yangman: <- gentoo user as well
wirry: well...i use radeon here - i just love kms :D
QWeb: Wow, I've actually found a place on IRC full of people that realise Gentoo's superiority... Other than #gentoo of course
adamk_: aa
MostAwesomeDude: Gentoo's alright.
QWeb: Try mentioning Gentoo in #php and wham, there goes an hour of your life
MostAwesomeDude: Try mentioning PHP in #python. :3
QWeb: Hmm, I wonder if something in-kernel is providing this fglrx module rather than the old ati-drivers
MostAwesomeDude: Nope.
MostAwesomeDude: ati-drivers, like all the other ebuilds providing out-of-kernel modules, doesn't remove things from /lib/modules.
MostAwesomeDude: So you have to nuke it by hand.
QWeb: Oh really
MostAwesomeDude: Yes really.
QWeb: Well that's helpful
QWeb: If the ebuild put them there, why would it refuse to remove them too :(
QWeb: That's just mean and evil =)
MostAwesomeDude: Not really. It's pretty sensible.
QWeb: Urgh I've forgotten the command to unload modules :-/
MostAwesomeDude: rmmod
QWeb: Ah thanks
MostAwesomeDude: Once fglrx has loaded, you won't be able to use the open drivers until you reboot.
MostAwesomeDude: So either blacklist or delete fglrx.ko.
QWeb: ok, unloaded and removed
QWeb: rebooting
QWeb: Fantastic. I've had it 2 days and it's already doing an fsck because I've mounted 28 times
yangman: QWeb: if the ebuild removes the module automatically, and you need to go back to an earlier kernel for wahtever reason, you won't have the module installed anymore
QWeb: I guess that makes sense yangman
QWeb: Although you are supposed to recompile everything that compiles against the kernel in those situations...
yangman: QWeb: each kernel version gets its own directory for storing modules
QWeb: Oh true
QWeb: OK this is running perfectly now, thanks guys
QWeb: Now to get KDE :)
QWeb: waits for the "KDE? Kill it with fire." comments
wirry: just burn in hell...
wirry: :D
QWeb: =)
davidjheinrich: does anyone know what the + and the * next to resolution items on the output of xrandr means?
yangman: davidjheinrich: preferred and current mode, respectively
davidjheinrich: sorry, got disconnected, did anyone answer my question re what * and + mean in xrandr output of resolution lists?
yangman: current and preferred mode
yangman: it's listed in the man page for xrandr
davidjheinrich: where * is current mode, right?
yangman: yes
davidjheinrich: when I try to put on the vp2290b 3840x2400 LCD above my CRT, the screen goes all squirrely with fast lines running through it horizontally
davidjheinrich: be back in 15min, eating