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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2009-11-08

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seanius: i'm having trouble getting DRI to init on a radeonhd 4200 igp, anyone feeling generous to help me debug? :)
seanius: it looks like it's just trying to load the wrong firmware
oliver3: so... is there a mirror for git://anongit.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa ?
oliver3: because after "remote: Counting objects: 282052, done." git just freezes -_-
oliver3: oh /finally/ it started doing something
adamk_: seanius, Pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file.
oliver3: so I followed the instructions at: http://www.x.org/wiki/radeonhd:experimental_3D
oliver3: everything seemed to go well
oliver3: I rebooted
oliver3: and I still have no 3D
oliver3: none whatsoever
oliver3: any ideas?
oliver3: I have a HD 4670
oliver3: r7xx
adamk_: Pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file.
seanius: adamk_: i think i have things working now with 2.6.31 and HEAD from master, i'm in the process of getting some sample hd material to test it :)
oliver3: adamk_, alright
oliver3: adamk_, http://pastebin.ca/1662000
oliver3: double checks his xorg.conf
adamk_: oliver3, You have DRI enabled in the X server, but then there's this: /usr/lib/dri/r600_dri.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
adamk_: You are missing the mesa driver.
oliver3: wtf
oliver3: but... I /installed/ it
oliver3: cries
oliver3: searches for r600_dri.so
oliver3: waits for updatedb
oliver3: adamk_, oh it's in /usr/lib/glx/dri, any way I can tell X to look there for it? Or should I just make a symlink?
oliver3: just makes a symlink
oliver3: restarts X
oliver3: hrm
oliver3: adamk_, now glxgears fails, hold on I'll pastebin
oliver3: adamk_, http://pastebin.ca/1662010
adamk_: See 'dmesg' for more details :-)
oliver3: adamk_, nothing useful there
oliver3: I'm installing that library it warned about
oliver3: see if it makes a difference
adamk_: No, that's not the issue.
adamk_: You should probably take this to #radeon, also, since that's the driver you are useing.
adamk_: using, even.
seanius: adamk_: would it be normal for cpu usage to be at 80% if i'm playing 1080p media?
adamk_: oliver3, And they have a wiki in the topic with much better instructions for getting 3D working.
adamk_: seanius, No idea, really.
seanius: i mean it *looks* okay, anyway
oliver3: adamk_, I was /supposed/ to be using radeonhd... installing it now. I assumed I already was >_<
oliver3: restarts X again
adamk_: Frankly, I'd stick with radeon.
oliver3_: adamk_, okay so now I'm using the right driver, but apparently my monitor doesn't support its native resolution anymore -_-
oliver3_: glxgears works but it's using software rendering again
oliver3: Alright IRC'ing on my netbook so I don't flood the channel with quit and join messages
oliver3: Using radeonhd when trying to specify the Modes in the Display subsection of my screen section, it gets ignored
oliver3: there is a message in the log that the horizontal size is too big for virtual something
oliver3: how can I just force it to work? -_-
oliver3: pokes adamk_
adamk_: With xrandr 1.2, you can specify a modeline in the Monitor section and then use the PreferredMode option in the monitor section to tell Xorg to use that mode.
oliver3: tysir
oliver3: adamk_: for some reason radeonhd is detecting the max resolution of my monitor incorrectly (detecting 1680x1680, correct is 1920x1050)
oliver3: would that override it?
oliver3: what you suggest I mean
oliver3: I guess I could just try it and stop harassing you
oliver3: :P
adamk_: Yes, it would.
oliver3: adamk_: so PreferredMode "1920x1050@60" in the Monitor section?
oliver3: no
oliver3: tries the Screen section
udovdh: Monitor according to man page
adamk_: The monitor section.
adamk_: As I said :-)
adamk_: Assuming you have already defined that modeline in the monitor section.
oliver3: Oh it's an Option
oliver3: not a keyword
adamk_: "then use the PreferredMode option" :-)
oliver3: my bad
oliver3: but still
oliver3: it's being ignored -_-
udovdh: are you sure you can't set the resolution you want in the desktop environment?
udovdh: on gnome (which I use) you can
oliver3: udovdh: no I cannot
adamk_: Seriously, though, I'd still recommend radeon, as I suggested above :-) The radeon Xorg driver gets much more testing with the Mesa 3D driver than radeonhd does.
oliver3: the max resolution isn't listed
oliver3: well, I'll give it one more go then if that fails I'll switch to radeon
udovdh: hmmm
oliver3: thanks guys
udovdh: let us know if radeon does detect the resolutions
oliver3: udovdh: it does
oliver3: always has
oliver3: trying to get the experimental 3D support working you see
udovdh: then file a radeonhd bug
udovdh: 3d?
udovdh: 2d works solidly here
oliver3: radeonhd just doesn't wanna play ball
udovdh: is it available yet for rv630?
udovdh: not yet, i thought
oliver3: udovdh: apparently there is experimental support for r7xx, which I'm trying to get working
udovdh: oh! 7xx!
adamk_: Experimental 3D is available for all r6xx/r7xx GPUs.
udovdh: what about 6xx?
udovdh: oh...
udovdh: cool
udovdh: hmm. does x.org have a guide?
udovdh: must check
oliver3: udovdh: there is one on the wiki, which I've been trying to use
oliver3: failing miserably
oliver3: everything is built and installed
oliver3: it just refuses to work
adamk_: I really recommend the wiki in #radeon
udovdh: http://wiki.x.org/wiki/radeonhd%3Aexperimental_3D
oliver3: alright cheers for your help guys
udovdh: hmm
udovdh: statuses say it is too early for me to try it yet
udovdh: apart from testing of course
oliver3: I /was/ using fglrx, but it messed up so much
oliver3: would leave my box frozen, required a hard reset all the time
oliver3: basically just rendered my machine unusable totally randomly, kept losing work, unacceptable
udovdh: radeonhd is solid for me
udovdh: since 1.0
oliver3: god damn it, tried starting compiz and my box locked up
oliver3: *suicides*
udovdh: compiz? maybe later.
udovdh: does it really make me more productive on this machine?
oliver3: I can't live without 3D acceleration... at this rate I'm gonna end up reinstalling Windows... which I /really/ don't want to do -_-
udovdh: I ain't looking back
oliver3: I'll be starting work on a 3D application soon, hence the *need* for it
udovdh: ah...
adamk_: oliver3, You asked a question on #radeon and then disappeared... Not really a great way to get help :-)
oliver3: adamk_: as I said my machine locked up
adamk_: Why would you try and run compiz when opengl applications crash? :-)
seanius: queues up failhorn.wav
oliver3: adamk_: the only other opengl app that I tried was glxgears, and it didn't crash it just didn't do anything
adamk_: oliver3, I really, highly suggest you use that wiki in #radeon to make sure you have everything up-to-date and installed properly.
oliver3: adamk_: I installed it all from git a whole... hour? ago
oliver3: When it didn't work I seeked help
adamk_: What kernel?
adamk_: Actually, let's take this back to #radeon.
adamk_: And, when you get there, pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file and the full output of 'LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose glxinfo'
oliver3: adamk_: all posts are there waiting for you
oliver3: thanks again for your assistance