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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2008-11-25

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Nightwulf|work: hi all
mani|work: hi there, i still got the problem with pairmode/dual screen, can't get more than a cloned screen^^
umtc: any idea of a schedule when xv/textured video for 780g will be finished? i understand it's still in a legal logjam
umtc: i'm actually surprised at how well x11 works, last time i used x11 it was terribly slow
umtc: it would reduce some cpu usage which i'm not really concerned about, i am looking for synchronizing to blank or whatever that's called, i can see half of two frames frequently
gabrimonfa: hi all, I have a problem with a Radeon HD 3450 with dual head. All is working correctly except that every five seconds or so monitors flickers and all EDID data of one of my monitors is written again in Xorg.0.log
adamk: Are you using KDE4 under Ubuntu?
gabrimonfa: yes. I've tried version 1.2.3 and latest from git
gabrimonfa: moreover the cursor image is often corrupted. It is a known issue AFAIK
adamk: Ubuntu ships KDE4 with some unreleased module that queries xrandr regularly. Unfortunately, this causes the flickering you are seeing.
gabrimonfa: hmm. Any workaround?
adamk: Not sure.
adamk: You can check out this bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase-workspace/+bug/278471
gabrimonfa: wow there is a fantastic service detecting monitor changes. Disabling that service solves the problems!
gabrimonfa: Thank you adams you point me exactly to what I need
gabrimonfa: I'm greedy ... any workaround for cursor image corruption? ;)
egbert_: gabrimonfa: the flickering is caused by dac load detection. unfortunately we may not be able to avoid it at all times.
egbert_: the cursor image corruption happens when you move the cursor to the right side of a rather wide screen, right?
gabrimonfa: I've a dual head with virtual size = 2560x1024. The corruption happens after a while with no apparent reason. But yes, obviously I often go in the right monitor
gabrimonfa: Usually the arrow of the pointer is spliced in two parts that are not correctly overlapped. One of the two parts is slightly moved to the right
adamk: gabrimonfa, Yeah, I have the same problem.
adamk: gabrimonfa, Switching to software cursor prevents it from happening.
adamk: gabrimonfa, But there are downsides.
gabrimonfa: yes it is just a bit annoying, but no other problems
mani|work: can someone advanced correct my xorg.conf? :( .. i still can't get dual head working, tried all i found to try X.x
gabrimonfa: mani|work, I'm not so expert but we can try
chainsawbike: mani|work, pastebin xorg.conf?
chainsawbike: mani|work, my working dual screen config --> http://pastebin.com/m460e78a6
mani|work: oh, sorry, i will paste mine and look at yours then, but mine is not as it should now, i tried so many ways X.x
mani|work: http://pastebin.com/m116d74b2
mani|work: this is my one, suse 11.0m KDE4
mani|work: -m +,
mani|work: and this is my xrandr -q: http://pastebin.com/m6ed4fb25
mani|work: i will try it now with the style of your xorg.conf :)
gabrimonfa: I suggest, as a rule of thumb, to use the output of xrandr as monitor identifier
mani|work: i renamed to VGA_1 and the dvi thing^^
gabrimonfa: also with /digital o /analog
mani|work: yea, i copied :)
mani|work: i reboot short, 1 mom
mani|work: okay, at login screen it looked good, after that one monitor got white and then my desktop background, after that both white, than my plasma desktop crashed and now i got a cloned screen again
mani|work: btw someone knows how to change the language of the keyboard, its english layout now X.x
gabrimonfa: so it may be a plasma issue. Try disabling all desktop effects in ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc (edit with care)
mani|work: the desktop effects, which you can configure with the gui never worked for me, but i will look there(and make a backup first, like from my old xorg.conf)
mani|work: sry for taking so long, cant find the file http://pastebin.com/m421fb1af already did find *win*
yangman: mani|work: http://pastebin.ca/1266689
yangman: mani|work: start with a minimalistic xorg.conf. let the server do most of the autodetection for you. I hope you're running xorg-server-1.4* or 1.5
yangman: mani|work: make sure you can get dual-screen working with xrandr first, then worry about statically configuring it with xorg.conf
mani|work: yangman: i try it now
mani|work: xrandr --output VGA_1 --auto --output DVI-I_1/digital --auto --left-of VGA_1 << isnt it the right command?
mani|work: i took exactly the conf of your link, plasma crashed, cloned screens
mani|work: i will be back in around 30 minutes i think, already thanks for all you already did :)
mani|home: back :)
mani|home: if you got any idea what i can configure, pls write, i will try it all tomorrow(here is 18:33 now)
yangman: mani|home: just xrandr --output DVI-I_1/digital --left-of VGA_1 should be enough
yangman: mani|home: you may just be encountering a plasma bug. try it with a plain X session without KDE running
mani|home: yangman: k, just have to find out, how to do it, i think i have to install another x?(or is there a plan builded in?)
yangman: mani|home: shutdown kdm completely, log in from a VT, then X& sleep 3; DISPLAY=:0.0 xterm
yangman: mani|home: that will give you a plain X session with a single xterm, ignoring any extra setup KDE may have added
mani|home: thank you, i will do that directly when i'm at work tomorrow^^
m-c-: what is the command to determine if compositing is enabled? and why it is not enabled? is it gxinfo or similiar?
adamk: m-c-, xpdyinfo
adamk: xpdyinfo | grep -i composite
m-c-: thank you adamk - this beta of opensuse11.1 does not seem to have it loaded
m-c-: does anyone here know the status of radeonHD in the new fedora release from today?
m-c-: is it in their repositories by default? or does it at least have all the xserver dependencies?
airlied: m-c-: we don't support it by default as radeon covers all the same hardware.
airlied: it is in the repo provided by ndim I think (/me forgets names)
m-c-: radeon is okay by me, too.
m-c-: okay, so not in the default repos or on the livecd. that's a shame. I will go try it out now and look up this ndim repository
airlied: no its in the default repos
airlied: radeon is on the livecd.
airlied: radeonhd is in the repos.
m-c-: Ah - thanks for the clarification
airlied: just not supported by Fedora X peopel.
m-c-: They rather support "ati" instead? Ugh.
airlied: m-c-: nope we support radeon
airlied: or ati
airlied: they are the same thing
m-c-: Is that so? Okay. Thanks again.
ndim: m-c-: yum install xorg-x11-drv-radeonhd
ndim: m-c-: Use what works for you.
m-c-: hey, alright, thanks, ndim!
ndim: I'm not sure what the current -updates repo is offering, though.
ndim: Last time I built packages I could put them into the queue for F9 but not for F10
m-c-: off to try it out
pete__c: hi, I'm trying to set up a new rv620 (firepro v3700) with two monitors using xrandr and not having much luck; I can only get cloned output
pete__c: I can freely turn the two displays off and on independently with xrandr, but ``xrandr --output DVI-I_2/digital --right-of DVI-I_1/digital'' for example doesn't do anything most of the time
pete__c: occasionally it does after turning the displays off and on, but then it just results in a cloned display with a viewing area off to the right of where I suppose the windows are located
pete__c: should this setup work, and is there anything else that I should try?
pete__c: nevermind, it works with a newer xrandr (1.2.3, was 1.2.2), I missed the note on the wiki... thanks for the good driver :)
Renfield: Hello.
Renfield: Is there a web site that lists which ATI chipsets are supported under Linux?
Renfield: I am looking at a Sapphire Radeon HD 4350, or 3455.
Renfield: I can't be certain that they are supported. AMDs website isn't too helpful.
yangman: Renfield: both open source drives support them. just no acceleration (2D or 3D) atm. they're being worked on
Renfield: Oh, well I think I would need the acceleration.
Renfield: Can you suggest a supported (with acceleration) ATI card for less than $50?
Renfield: Oh I missed that he left.
MostAwesomeDude: Renfield: You're going to want an X1950 or older.
MostAwesomeDude: X1400, or X1650 would be in your price range IIRC.
dmb: MostAwesomeDude, does maya work with the mesa stack :P?
dmb: i was looking through my colleges software program, coudln't find any 32bit versions of it for linux
MostAwesomeDude: dmb: Should?
dmb: oh