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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2008-11-23

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RealNitro: I'm planning on buying a budget gaming pc. But I would like it to run Ubuntu (and Windows). The Ati EAH4670 seems like a nice deal, but I'm a bit scared about it's support in Linux.
RealNitro: Are there better linux-compatible cards out there?
RealNitro: (that have about the same performance for the same price)
udovdh: what performance?
udovdh: for me the 1.0 drievr of radeonhd worked right out of the box
udovdh: but we're still waiting for accelleration (I am on RV630)
udovdh: should be soon?
udovdh: so the card works well, as it is
udovdh: but not all features of the hardware are used
udovdh: as it is at this point in time
RealNitro: udovdh: if the card works well, that's all I need
udovdh: then choose a card that is supported by radeonhd
RealNitro: k
udovdh: you will get 3d etc over time
RealNitro: thx
edman007: RealNitro, if you want support get intel, they are slow but have great support
RealNitro: edman007: I'm writing this on a macbook with intel graphics ;) But those aren't going to run GTA4 I'm afraid :p
tulcod: so i just blindly called mplayer, and it crashed X. what happened and how can I prevent it from happening? i'm only recently using radeonhd so this is the first time i tried calling mplayer
ndim: tulcod: "mplayer -vo x11" should be a safe bet.
tulcod: ndim: okay, thx :)
ndim: tulcod: -vo xv should work on some chips. If it crashes, update to newest radeonhd, verify, and file a bug.
tulcod: ndim: i guess most of such bugs should get fixed when 3D rendering is there (on radeonhd 3650)?
tulcod: s/should/will/
ndim: 3650, yeah, that will see a lot of attention when 3D comes.
tulcod: cool, thx
tulcod: keep up the good work
Hiryu: anyone around? how's catalyst for AIGLX?
yangman: Hiryu: better asked in #ati
Hiryu: yangman: if your card has 3d acceleration with the radeonhd drivers, how's the aiglx experience?
yangman: Hiryu: can't say I've tried it. ran composite briefly but I'm not into the whole fancy desktop effects thing
Hiryu: ah
Hiryu: I've had issues with composite and nvidia
Hiryu: for example certain applications (amarok is the biggest I've found) will cause your compositing manager to run a lot slower. I'm not sure if that's nvidia's fault or something wrong with the composite extension in general though