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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2008-11-22

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mani|home: sry yangman, i already went to bed^^ .. yea, i can't get the dualhead, maybe now someone can answer: is there a example of a xorg.conf with all i need for radeonhd, for example i got a section "files", this one was in no example written, or my monitor got much more options as in the example, should i delete them?
keyhack_break: any idea on when the R6xx series will support DRI?
Fuddl: keyhack: probably soon[tm] ;)
keyhack: heh, yeah :-(
keyhack: I want sound through HDMI
keyhack: and supposedly ATI's drivers supports it since 8.8, but I can't for the life of me to get it to work
keyhack: but if I compile the radeonhd driver, and use that, it will work (but no DRI, so OpenGL is crap)
Fuddl: i installed the software mesa driver as a temporary workaround. xmoto in "ugly" mode runs playbable! ;)
keyhack: the fglrx driver is nice, I just can't get sound to work through HDMI
keyhack: even if I accept that, fine
keyhack: I'm trying to play a 720p video file, and it looks great
keyhack: except there is slight "tearing"
keyhack: so I'm not sure how to solve the horizontal tearing problem either
keyhack: plenth of memory available, the CPU is at maybe 30% max
Zajec: keyhack: did you try (un)muting hack?
Zajec: keyhack: start playing movie, then mute and unmute IEC958
Zajec: i needed that for fglrx in case of my M82
keyhack: Zajec: hmm, I tried doing a mute/unmute then using Gnome Sound panel to test
keyhack: Zajec: how do you mute/unmute, using the UI?
Zajec: alsamixer -c 1
Zajec: but kmix works as well
keyhack: yeah, I tried that
Zajec: so probably it doesnb't matter
Zajec: then no luck for you
Zajec: sound in fglrx sometimes just doesn't work...
keyhack: what version of fglrx are you using?
keyhack: I just downgraded to 8.9 to try
keyhack: (the version they mentioned HDMI audio in the CHANGELOG)
Zajec: i was not able to play audio in HDMI using RV635 and fglrx
Zajec: 8.8 or 8.9 not sure
Zajec: i don't use fglrx anymore
keyhack: I wouldnt use it, if I could run OpenGL
Zajec: yeah, that's problem... let's hope it will be done soon :)
keyhack: yeah, well, I can live with audio via digital out or the PC for now, but I shouldn't have tearing during 720p playback
keyhack: I'll take DVI (to HDMI) + digital out, if I could get the digital out to work
keyhack: yeah, there is still tearing, *sigh*
keyhack: I guess the moral of the story is: do not use ATI
keyhack: I get tearing with the radeonhd driver, unless I tell VLC to play the video to X11, then the playback looks perfect so far
SR__: hi, silly question... xrandr shows a TV_SVIDEO output on my radeon X1300 card... and I've connected a TV now, but it says it's disconnected
SR__: (also, I know that the xrandr binary is a little old, since I'm using the version in debian lenny's xbase-clients on that machine)
SR__: do you know if it works, and if I need to prod it in some way (eg, restarting X) to get it to acknowledge the presence of a telly?
SR__: the feature matrix [ http://www.x.org/wiki/RadeonFeature ] says that support on R500 with RadeonHD is unknown
yangman: SR__: TV out isn't supported yet
SR__: yangman: OK, thanks :)
SR__: turns the TV off again
SR__: heh
keyhack: yangman: any ideas on when the R6xx will support DRI?
yangman: keyhack: when it happens
keyhack: heh
keyhack: sighs
bridgman: now that we have actual driver code running I'm going to be spending a good part of next week doing what I hope is the final writeup for IP review. It's always hard to predict how long things will take but I think we are pretty close this time
keyhack: yeah, I'm being shafted by my HD 3200, I'm getting hardcore tearing with ATI's driver, but when I use radeonhd it looks awesome (if I put VLC to output X11, not OpenGL). Through X11 the playback is awesome, no tearing, just a few dropped frames here and there
keyhack: but, unfortunately, I can no longer run XBMC or Boxee (requires OpenGL)
bridgman: ok, we can fix that; don't be disappointed if tearing comes back once your frame rate is back up to where it should be
bridgman: more work needed to get vsync happening
bridgman: I don't think we are doing anything in radeonhd to sync x11 playback to vblank so not 100% sure why you aren't seeing tearing there...
keyhack: bridgman: yeah, I'm not sure either, it just plays a lot better (just dropped frames occasionally)
keyhack: in the mean time, I think I'm going to find some extra video cards laying around in storage somewhere, and give some of those a try
bridgman: cool...
keyhack: the video card itself doesn't matter too much right, as long as the linux driver supports DRI and OpenGL? (and is a good driver), the CPU does all the work no?
bridgman: you can think of video processing as having two parts; decode and render. Decode is things like IDCT and motion comp; render is colour space conversion, scaling, de-interlacing etc...
bridgman: when you run X11 almost everything is done on CPU, but when you run with openGL or Xv then decode is done on CPU and most of render is done on GPU
keyhack: ok
keyhack: I'm just a bit bummed out, heh
bridgman: hey, just a thought - if you use the Catalyst driver, OpenGL output, and enable "sync to vblank" in CCC you should be able to get tear-free video now. Have you tried that combination ? I think it takes some fiddling to get each player outputting optimally to the OpenGL driver but AFAIK it works now
keyhack: where is there a "sync to vblank" option, I only saw a horizontal adjustment
keyhack: for vertical refresh
bridgman: geez, I don't know, I'm on the open source side ;)
bridgman: seriously, it should be in CCC, just not sure exactly where
keyhack: well I'm the middle of upgrading to Ubuntu 8.10, so once that is done I can take another look
bridgman: if you don't find it I can try when I get into work on Monday, I'm running Ubuntu 8.10 with restricted driver on one of the systems there
keyhack: there was a slider, which controlled "vertical refresh" and you can Always Off, Off unless app requests, On unless app requests, Always On
bridgman: Yeah, that sounds right - force to "always on" then output your video through opengl.
keyhack: yeah, that didn't improve anything
keyhack: I can re-try after 8.10 upgrades
bridgman: ok.. I remember there was something wierd, like having to output to gl2 instead of gl, or something like that...
Hiryu: I haven't dealt with the catalyst drivers since the radeon 9800. I got less than half the performance I did in Windows. Do the catalyst drivers still perform that poorly?
edman007: you bet
keyhack: yeah it is pretty bad
edman007: when fgrlrx was running on my system (i have a 3870) i noticed its slower in ut2k4 then my 6800
Hiryu: LOL!
edman007: this card is suppose to be like 5+ times faster then that
Hiryu: still eh?
Hiryu: how are the radeonhd drivers progressing?
Hiryu: I have a geforce 8800 with 640 mb and I'm considering a 4870 with a gig
edman007: 8800 is probably faster in linux
edman007: but i like the open source vid drivers when i don't need 3d
Hiryu: 4870 is like.. what? 2 generations ahead of the 8800?
rehabdoll: i would wait for basic 3d-code before i bought one
rehabdoll: you wont even have xvideo without 3d-docs
edman007: meh, maybe i have to rebench fglrx on my system, but that driver SUCKS for speed, where the nvidia one is ok
edman007: rehabdoll, my system is so fast x-video does not make a difference, x11 is fast enough for full screen video
Hiryu: I was hoping things were a bit further along for radeonhd :(
edman007: even up into the HD range
Hiryu: heh
Hiryu: well, for 2d a radeon should be faster, right?
rehabdoll: xvideo isnt about speed..
edman007: Hiryu, from what i understand its pretty much as far as its going to get without those 3d docs from amd...and they are in legal
edman007: once the 3d docs come out, then you can expect rapid improvement
edman007: rehabdoll, really? thats the only reason i get told to use it..
rehabdoll: you dont notice the shitty picture quality with x11?
Hiryu: really? I thought they had the 3d docs for the 4850/4870
rehabdoll: no, only for r5xx
Hiryu: and 4850/70 is what?> r700?
rehabdoll: ya
edman007: rehabdoll, i don't do many high res vids...so most of the shittyness is from that fact that its a low res vid
Hiryu: heh
Hiryu: when is amd releasing the 3d docs? anyone know?
edman007: Hiryu, when legal is done with em
edman007: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Njg2Mw
Hiryu: thank you, sir
edman007: they say maybe by christmas...but i don't believe em since they said october in september
Hiryu: yeh and we're only a month away from xmas
edman007: my guess is the last guy that needs to sign off on it takes his xmas holiday early and we wait to late january
Hiryu: for the cards that do have 3d support with radeonhd, how is the performance
Hiryu: ?
edman007: i don't have one :(
Hiryu: :(
Hiryu: looks like the catalyst drivers for linux aren't so behind windows in performance these days
Hiryu: might be worth it for me to get a new radeon card and use the fglrx drivers to tide me over until solid radeonhd support is available...
PeterFile: Hey
PeterFile: anyone here?