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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2008-11-21

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Nightwulf|work: hi all
mani|work: hi there, i installed radeonhd, i got a Radeon X1550 64-bit (RV505 7147) and 2 monitors, now they are cloned, but i need 2 instances, pairmode/bigscreen or dual head is what i'm searching i think, but i doesn't see a way to configure this with radeonhd, all i find is about fglrx, someone can help?
mani|work: ah and i'm working with SUSE 11.0
mani|work: and installed radeonhd with yast2
yangman: mani|work: http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Xorg_RandR_1.2#Using__.24_xrandr
mani|work: yangman: thank you, i will try my best :)
mani|work: i will reboot, see ya, will be back
mani|work: hm, it doesn't work, i made a 2560x1024 virtual, 2 monitors with 1280x1024, pos0x0, pos 1280x0 and also tried --right-of and --auto, its not working, only thing happens if i execute this, plasma desktop is crashing :/
mani|work: i think my xorg.conf isn't clean enough, but i don't know which options i will need, for example the section files, i think its important, but it isn't in the example, am i right or should i delete all, which is not in the example?
mani|work: ah and i don't know if it is normal, i defined the 2560x1024 virtual, but i can't get out of the screen with the mouse
sytse: say, I have a question about radeon hardware:
sytse: has h.264 decoding support improved dramatically on r7xx (compared to r6xx), or has there only been improvement in terms of infrastructure and support for other formats?
sytse: I'm asking because there are quite a few h.264 encodings that are not supported by my hd 3870 (all of this on windows of course, it's not even certain there will -ever- be foss uvd or uvd2 support)
sytse: at least, media player classic homecinema's dxva-supporting codec fails to use it
mani|home: hi there, i'm back now, problem was: i got a X1550 64bit, opensuse11(64bit), radeonhd driver and 2 monitors, they are cloned but i need a bigdesktop, i did the things which was written in the wiki, but i didn't got bigdesktop, just plasma desktop crashed
mani|home: i'm not at the computer now, so i can't try, but if you got ideas, please feel free to type them
zelazny: what the
zelazny: brb
Hiryu: hello
edman007: any news yet on the R600 3d docs? is it coming soon?
edman007: wants 3d
mani|home: just wants a bigdesktop(pairmode) :'(
rehabdoll: just wants xvideo
edman007: ohh -> http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Njg2Mw
nx: just wants "fast" 3d
edman007: fglrx does not even run on my system...and i need games when my winter break comes
edman007: too much ram methinks
nx: fglrx runs here, but it's not very fast :/
edman007: i got 8GB of ram...
edman007: fglrx==segfault
edman007: during x init
edman007: i don't think i've tried the lastest version yet, but thats what happened on the last 3 kernels and 5 drivers
edman007: cries
mani|home: someone knows which options really have to be in the xorg.conf?
mani|home: on opensuse 11.0
mani|home: or do i have to try&error? :D
edman007: mani|home, man radeonhd
yangman: mani|home: still struggling with dualhead?
Hiryu: how's the 2d and 3d performance right now with the radeonhd driver? I'm considering upgrading from my geforce 8800 to something like a 4870
keyhack: the ATI Radeon HD 3200 isn't supported by radeonhd?
Hiryu: I don't know
Hiryu: I couldn't find the answer quickly on google
Hiryu: guess I'll be back in a bit, I gotta upgrade my comp
Hiryu: ttyl
Hiryu: back
Hiryu: what is the best radeon right now anyway? the 4870?
df00z1: Hey, I;m thinking about getting a radeon card, never bought at ATi card before. Looking at maybe a 4870...is DRI supported with the radeonhd driver?
df00z1: even in GIT mesa
df00z1: or w/e
edman007: df00z1, http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Njg2Mw
edman007: thats the best i know...in short i think its going to be a while for the r700 to have much more then plain 2d