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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2008-11-18

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Nightwulf|work: hi all
sytse: hates the fglrx drivers too.. been trying for hours to get it to work now, with different versions of x.org and fglrx, but every time it doesn't get unknown symbols it hangs on loading the vbe module
sytse: now I just stuck in my old x1600, at least xv works now with xf86-video-radeonhd :)
Obscene_CNN: wishes he could stick an older better supported card in his laptop but thats just not an option :(
sytse: heh
sytse: well, tbh, even on this x1600 with xv or textured gl I get tearing with video, and sadly, the one feature I want most, randr screen rotation, has -still- not been implemented in xf86-video-radeonhd yet, so I doubt I'll keep this card in anyway :)
sytse: I guess I'll replace it with my 3870 again later this evening, there isn't really any advantage of the current accel support in xf86-video-radeonhd to me
rah: I have an HD4850 and with the latest git, the X server refuses to respond to both keyboard and mouse
rah: is this a known issue?
libv: log in remotely
rah: and do what?
libv: check whether X is still running
rah: I presume it is; the cursor at the GDM login prompt flashes
libv: ok, so then X is just happy, even with the radeonhd driver apparently
libv: so why do you assume that this is a radeonhd issue?
libv: could it be that your keyboard and mouse are not set up accordingly?
rah: because I'm typing this from the same X installation, only using the vesa driver :)
libv: so what did you do to be able to get to this X server?
rah: used a different configuration file
libv: if neither your keyboard or mouse work, ctrl-alt-bs for instance won't work
rah: diff is here:
libv: of course you filled in vesa in the device section
libv: but how did you leave the X that hogged your mouse and keyboard?
rah: SysRq-B
rah: ie, I didn't
rah: I just rebooted the machine
rah: http://tease.6gnip.net/~rah/xorg-radeonhd-vesa.diff
libv: first of all, that address doesn't exist
libv: secondly, that log will contain too much noise.
libv: not the log, but the diff will
rah: http://teasel.6gnip.net/~rah/xorg-radeonhd-vesa.diff
rah: it's the configuration diff
rah: I'm guessing this is the critical diff of the log:
rah: (WW) AllowEmptyInput is on, devices using drivers 'kbd' or 'mouse' will be disabled.
rah: (WW) Disabling Generic Keyboard
rah: (WW) Disabling Configured Mouse
libv: Firefox can't find the server at tease.6gnip.net.
rah: teasel
rah: http://teasel.6gnip.net/~rah/xorg-radeonhd-vesa.diff
libv: right
libv: Screen 0 "Default Screen" 0 0
rah: ?
libv: is that accepted by the server?
libv: check the end of your diff
rah: (==) ServerLayout "Default Layout"
rah: (**) |-->Screen "Default Screen" (0)
rah: here's the full log for the radeonhd:
rah: http://teasel.6gnip.net/~rah/Xorg.0.log.old
libv: this input devices are disabled way before the radeonhd driver is even loaded
rah: mmm
libv: what happens if you remove those stray 0s?
rah: I'll find out
rah: before I go, though, this is from the vesa log:
rah: (==) Automatically adding devices
rah: (==) Automatically enabling devices
rah: here is the whole log:
libv: there is a problem initialising hal at the end of the radeonhd log
rah: yes, I saw that too
rah: http://teasel.6gnip.net/~rah/Xorg.0.log
rah: but it's also in the vesa log :/
rah: anyway
libv: i'd blame the 0s
rah: bbiab
rah: no change with:
rah: Identifier "Default Layout"
rah: Screen "Default Screen"
libv: try taking the other config file and just filling in radeonhd as the driver
rah: k
rah: bbiab
rah: pebkac :(
libv: :)
rah: it isn't the same X installation with the vesa driver; it's my distro's
rah: X.Org X Server 1.4.2
rah: vs X.Org X Server
rah: sorry
rah: mea culpa
rah: in my defense, my X setup is a bit complicated :)
agd5f: sytse: rotation works fine with the radeon driver
sytse: yeah, I should go and try xf86-video-ati again
zecrazytux: hi
legume: If rah comes back he needs -
legume: Section "ServerFlags"
legume: Option "AllowEmptyInput" "off"
legume: EndSection
legume: for xorg git to work with kb+mouse
rehabdoll: or evdev + dbus/hal :>
legume: rehabdoll: yea, I think my way's quicker :-)
rehabdoll: touché
zecrazytux: coulé ?
Obscene_CNN: coolness!! I have the 64bit adobe flash player alpha working :D
whiteley: I should throw out a 'thank you' in here.
whiteley: I'm at a conference, and just gave two presentations.
whiteley: and my laptop worked perfectly with the projector.
whiteley: with fglrx, I would have had to reboot with the projector attached.
whiteley: it's also nice to have both 3d _and_ s2ram/s2disk working, instead of having to choose which one I want.
whiteley: thanks all!
gentooer: anyone have the link to table of supported features for each card?
gentooer: google has failed me
MostAwesomeDude: gentooer: Yes.
gentooer: MostAwesomeDude, could you share it?
MostAwesomeDude: http://wiki.x.org/wiki/RadeonFeature
gentooer: thank you :)
MostAwesomeDude: NP. :3
dmb: MostAwesomeDude, do you happen to know where one can find a really nice glsl demo that works?
MostAwesomeDude: dmb: Besides progs/glsl?
dmb: yeh, i mean like something people would be amazed about
dmb: just trying to show a class the potential of glsl
dmb: because the demos i wrote are pretty boring
MostAwesomeDude: Ah. No, can't really think of anything.