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RadeonHD IRC Logs For 2008-11-04

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Nightwulf|work: hi all
stam: Hi
stam: does anybody knows if Xv supported with HD3200?
yangman: stam: not yet
stam: yangman: thanks, is it planned?
stam: yangman: I mean is there enough docs for that
stam: yangman: and only developer time is needed
yangman: stam: requires 3D acceleration first; it's being worked on with NDA docs. situation's a bit complicated, but it is being worked on
stam: yangman: thanks
[mbm]: has the hdmi audio support been patched in or is it still another tree?
Nightwulf|work: yangman: somebody here said in september, we should look for 6xx in october again...looks like that will last some time longer ;-)
yangman: [mbm]: it's in master as of a few days ago
[mbm]: cool.
[mbm]: now I just need xv support :) (hd3200 - saw note above)
[mbm]: also noticed the overscan correction is slightly different between fglrx and radeonhd -- fglrx gets it right and radeonhd still overscans
yangman: I'm not aware of any overscan correction
stam: yangman: BTW can anybody sign the NDA to get the docs?
yangman: stam: there aren't actual docs, per se. so, no
[mbm]: yangman: maybe that's the problem
yangman: stam: AMD is still reviewing what's releasable and what's not. they've just allowed some of the key developers access to information so work can be done in parallel
[mbm]: my tv takes dvi/hdmi but will voerscan 1280x720 and 1920x1080 resolutions
stam: yangman: better then nothing :)
[mbm]: somehow with fglrx it compensates for the overscan
yangman: [mbm]: yeah, it's something you have to adjust the display side of things
[mbm]: huh?
[mbm]: if I could disable it on the tv I would
yangman: FYI: http://www.phoronix.com/forums/showpost.php?p=49596&postcount=382
mammadori: hi all, there is someone working on the framebuffer driver for recent ATI's (not the Xorg one) ? Any hint or links will be appreciated
agd5f: mammadori: you mean console framebuffer? if so, the drm modesetting work provides a kernel fb interface which gives you high res consoles, etc.
mammadori: agd5f: wow, it is that true? git code or already released on some kernels?
agd5f: mammadori: git code