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Radeon IRC Logs For 2008-11-27

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spstarr: busting exa issues i see
airlied: spstarr: stupid r200 issues
airlied: its like working in 1999
airlied: well maybe not that far back
airlied: but celeron machines are slow
spstarr: yep
spstarr: your blog posting seems yo have put you into a conundrum
spstarr: yo->to
airlied: ah I'll solve defrag later, just got a mountain of little corner cases to fix now.
ssieb: I have a laptop with an X300 with the latest kernel and xorg, etc for F9. if I have compiz running when I suspend, X locks up on resume. no CPU load, it appears to be stuck trying to talk to the dri device
ssieb: this is 100% reproducible
airlied: ssieb: did it ever work?
airlied: you might need to try the quirks for resume
ssieb: yes, it used to work at least almost all the time, if not all the time
ssieb: it would have the funny random bits around the edges of windows and things (there's a bug already filed about that)
airlied: or so the latest F9 kernel broke it?
spstarr: -128 hmm
ssieb: well, I hadn't been running compiz for a while because it would cause random X hangs
ssieb: I just tried again to test for the random bits bug
ssieb: there's a bug filed on the random hangs as well, it would happen randomly with fade-in effects which of course happen lots with compiz
ssieb: I could test it with the couple of slightly older kernels that are still installed
ssieb: or I could even install an older kernel too if that would help
spstarr: radeon: add some missing feature checks for modesetting
airlied: ssieb: try to see if the 2.6.26->2.6.27 kernel made it worse
ssieb: oh, on resume, the screen would be kind of checkerboard with random stuff where the cursor was. the cursor may have been there too, can't remember
ssieb: ok, I think there's still a .26 kernel installed...
spstarr: oh
spstarr: GART hardcoded to 512MB what happens if you dont have that much aperture for a GART of 512MB?
spstarr: or aperture isn't a GART
spstarr: wikipedias
spstarr: ok it can be used for a GART
airlied: its only for IGP and PCIE where the CPU can't see the GART
airlied: for AGP you just get whatever AGP sets up
spstarr: via the bios?
spstarr: since bioses will let you adjust the aperture size (some do)
airlied: yes whatever is set there.. the OS/driver can't change it
spstarr: so does the driver assume aperture size == GART size?
airlied: they mean the same thing with AGP
spstarr: ahhh ok
airlied: there is no aperture for PCIE or IGP as far as the CPU is concerned.
spstarr: IGP? Isn't that the same as using system memory if its an integrated graphics processor?
airlied: AMD IGP steals large memory for VRAM and also has a separate GART
airlied: unlike say Intel which steals small amounts and mainly uses the GART
spstarr: i see
pazof: drm fails to initialize my graphic card (Mobility Radeon HD 2400 - R610/M72)
pazof: :)
glisse: pazof: your card is not supported
glisse: by the drm
glisse: only modesetting for now
pazof: ok
pazof: it's in the kernel module that's my card need support, in't it ?
pazof: isn't it * :)
glisse: pazof: graphics stacks is complex
glisse: you need support in the kernel but also in 2 differents place in userspace
glisse: ddx & mesa
pazof: thanks
airlied: hmm who let agd5f go on holidays :)
orkid: :)
bridgman: airlied; Thanksgiving is the most sacred of US holidays. I think it has something to do with football.
spstarr: hehe bridgeman
orkid: i thought football was january
bridgman: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_football_on_Thanksgiving
spstarr: bridgeman, we still need to go for lunch
ssieb: airlied: are you there?